In the World of Diamonds, future success is often built upon the solid foundation of a successful past. One of the surest measures of reputability of a diamond source is the length of time in business. Those engaged in questionable practices do not last long. Therefore, the wise consumer of diamonds should look for a source that is well-established in the market place with a long track record of honourable dealings.

Through generations of experience and association, the Wins Family have become one of the strongest and most reliable diamond connections in the world. This rare achievement makes the Wins an invaluable resource to the diamond buyer.

And even when other firms have failed to deliver, the Wins, through the strength of their connections and remarkable inventory of Rare and High Quality diamonds, have consistently been able to deliver anything from large orders of D flawless stones, to rare pink 17 carat diamonds, and even the 88 carat Black Star of Africa.